Kilinochchi District Society 2nd New Year after starting struggle under Hardships and threats!

The continuous struggle of the relatives of Missing has reached its 421 day mark yesterday and the struggling relatives said that they have not been delivered with a solution, even after two New years have passed after the started the struggle.
This is the second New Year after we started the struggle.  It gives much distress that no solution is delivered to the strugglers, the Chairperson of the Kilinochchi District Society for persons made to disappear, Yogarasa Kanakaranjany.
There are evidences that our relatives are still alive. The Government has the duty and responsibility to say what happened to them. The International Community should exert the necessary pressure for this. The tears of the mothers struggling on the Road should be wiped.  An aged father said his son was arrested by the Army in 2017. No information has been received about him so far. I am diseased and undertaking this struggle scorched by sun and soaked by the rain. It will be enough if they will release our children, he said.
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