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புதன், 4 ஏப்ரல், 2018

Several people' injured after two trains collide in Germany!

Several people have been injured in a train crash near the German city of Dusseldorf, fire department and police spokesmen have said.
Rail operator Deutsche Bahn said a passenger train of the regional provider National Express drove into a freight train from DB Cargo about 1830 GMT in the town of Meerbusch.
The Meerbusch fire department said up to 150 passengers were on the train and that 5 people suffered injuries.
A police spokesman earlier had told German broadcaster ARD that about 50 people had been injured in the train crash.
A German government spokesman said Chancellor Angela Merkel had been briefed on the situation.
தீம் படங்களை வழங்கியவர்: Jason Morrow. Blogger இயக்குவது.