Air wing of ltte commander Colonel Shankar!

“Provocatively, Col. Shankar’s killing occurred on the anniversary of the death during hunger strike of Lt. Col Thileepan, a day of profound sadness amongst the Tamil people. The LTTE leadership shares the Tamil people’s outrage and treats the killing of a senior leader with utmost gravity…The attack on Col Shankar and the date chosen for it highlights the Sri Lankan government’s ongoing determination to seek the military option in solving the Tamil national question…” LTTE condemns assassination of Shankar, 26 September 2001

“Shankar was the founder-commander of the LTTE’s marine division, “Kadal Puligal” (Sea Tigers). He pioneered and developed the LTTE’s undersea attack unit, which consists of well-trained frogmen. Shankar also established and developed the LTTE’s anti-aircraft unit, which has downed a large number of planes and helicopters with its anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles. Shankar was involved in the planning and execution of the recent LTTE attack on the Katunayake Air Force base. He was perhaps Pirabaharan’s closest confidant… Vaithilingam Sornalingam .

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