November 27th, Karthikai 27

We unite as one to commemorate and pay respects to our honored heroes who fought until their last breath.
But the remembrance of their sacrifices is everyday
The pride we fight with for our country and identity is everyday

Though we have not been able to raise our flags in Thamileelam, our flag continues to soar higher than it ever has, in our hearts.

They've paved the way, and left us a path to follow....
all we need to do is continue in the direction their footprints are facing.
We must always remember that the reason we breathe today,
is because they bravely said "take my breath, have my soul, i'll fight with my life till my country is won, till we can walk and live as Tamils where we were born to belong".
Our language, our communication
Our culture, our identification
Our history, our motivation
don't misunderstand.
Till we have Eelam
we'll fight with all we have, every way we can.

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