Upset over loan, Kerala labourer buys lottery ticket, wins Rs 12 crore!!

Upset over loan, Kerala labourer buys lottery ticket, wins Rs 12 crore

Porunnan Rajan, a poor labourer from Kerala's Kannur, walked up to a bank last month to inquire about a fourth loan to pay the interest on his three previous ones. The manager did not help. Rajan, the debt-ridden daily wage worker, was disappointed and helpless. He was upset and disgruntled. He started walking towards his home with all hopes dashed. But, something struck him. He went to get a lottery ticket -- not at all driven by expectations but sheer habit.

Little did he know the Lady Luck will smile on him. Days later, the poor laborer was Rs 12 crore richer. His unexpected encounter landed him on Cloud nine. Getting a bolt from the blue, the 52-year-old jostled and rejoiced with his family on hearing the news. The lottery ticket worth Rs 300, which looked costly to him, has changed his life forever.

Rajan said his wife used to quarrel with him over his habit of buying lottery tickets. Now, the poor laborer aims to repay all the loans and ensure a better education for his younger daughter.

The draw of the lottery took place on Monday. There was suspense as nobody showed up to claim the prize. On Tuesday, Rajan went to an outlet near his house and that's when he got a bolt from the blue. His ticket ST 269609 won the bumper prize of Rs 12 crore, highest prize money in state lottery history.
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