Wimal Spends Over Half a Million To Comfort his Bottom

Sri Lanka can be developed if misappropriation and wasting public funds can be stopped, given that the country has no other crisis in terms of finance, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Parliamentarian Sunil Handunnetti emphasized.

Change of ministers in the present context also changes their chairs, as Minister Wimal Weerawansa purchased a chair for his ministry worth of Rs. 6 lakhs, he revealed.

“The country has no financial crisis. If wasting and stealing can be stopped this country can be developed. They say that the ministers of the previous government had purchased vehicles amounting to Rs. 278 crores. The present ministers cannot use the vehicles the previous ones did. They find it inconsistent. We lodged before CID in this regard. This is how funds are being wasted.

For what is worse, even chairs change as the ministers do. A chair was purchased for the use of Wimal Weerawansa amounting to Rs. 6 lakhs. People should hold outcry against such act,” he said.

Mr. Handunnetti made these observations yesterday (14) joining the Opening of the Deniyaya – Pussewela Dangaragaha Ela Canal Bridge with the decentralized fund of JVP MPs. (LNW)
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