Manasvi slams COVIDIOTS in angry video!!

The government imposed home quarantine and lockdown is meant to safeguard citizens from the deadly novel coronavirus that has so far killed in excess of 20,000 people and infecting close to 5 lakhs others in various parts of the globe. One section of the population feels its fun to break the rules and are loitering outside in groups. Some reports have even come in that secret weddings and family functions are taking place.

Five-year-old baby Manasvi the daughter of comedy actor Kottachi has released a video in which she has angrily slammed those who are breaking the curfew and venturing out. The little one is asking the important question of whether these "COVIDIOTS" have a brain or not that they are not only endangering themselves but also others. Do watch the super cute video below in which the five-year-old shows more social consciousness and awareness than the so-called adults in these testing times where every life and livelihood is in danger.

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