“I want to bring the country together”- President Ali

Georgetown, Guyana – (October 12, 2020) His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali remains adamant that only as a united front the country can move forward.

To this end the President continues to push his message of unity in progression and has pledged to be the President for all Guyana.

Over the weekend he visited several communities in Berbice and Essequibo along with Sophia in Georgetown, where in addition to plans for development he also communicated the need for social harmony.

“"I want to bring the country together. You have a President who is willing to work with everyone.”

In his visit to Sophia on Saturday evening, the President told a gathering that he wanted to personally hear about their problems.

“… I have to lead by example too and I don’t want to send a message to Sophia. I want to come here so you know I am here with you.”

The President assured the residents that he would visit the community often. 

Earlier in the day, the Head of State also told residents of Port Mourant that his objective is to help develop all of Guyana.

“We are a Government for all the people of our country. We are a Government that will take development to every single part of this country. We are a Government that will support farmers as we support our nurses, our teachers. We are a Government that will support the sugar industry and the rice industry as we support the bauxite industry, as we support the services industries….”

The President shared similar sentiments when he visited the islands of Leguan and Wakenaam and the Essequibo Coast on Sunday. 

He also pointed out that the relief measures in the emergency budget were implemented for the betterment all of Guyana.

“Many persons doubted us, that we could achieve this. We have already achieved these things… for every single Guyanese, for all Guyanese whether you voted APNU or PPP…Every Guyanese will be benefiting from this….”

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