Cold moon 2020: Chance to watch last full moon of the year in India today| Check timings, other details


Skywatchers will have an opportunity to see the last full moon of the year, famously known as the Cold Moon. This will mark the end of the celestial event of 2020. This will be the 13th full moon of 2020. This event comes after number of celestial events this month, including the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. The final full moon of the year will be visible on December 29, 30, and will be brightest on the second day in India.

The moon will be above the horizon longer than at other time of the year and pass close to the zenith, the point directly overhead in the sky.

"The peak illumination of the full moon is supposed to take place on 7:54 pm IST on 29 December and 8:57 pm IST on 30 December. The people can begin to spot the December full moon just before sunset," as per the Old Farmer's Almanac, a reference website for weather forecasts and moon phases.

As per the website, It will be the highest full moon in the entire Gregorian year and will be visible on two different days.

"History has it that every Full Moon has its name associated with a season or any other event, " says Almanac.

It is also called the 'Long Night Moon' as the event occurs on one of the longest nights of the year. This is because the date is fairly near to the winter solstice. As it takes place just after Christmas, the full moon is called the 'Moon After Yule' in Europe as well.

As per a report by Forbes, the timing of the Moon reaching its peak illumination is behind the globe spotting the Cold Moon on two different dates. While the Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa will have a full moon on 30 December, both South America and North America will have it a day prior, on 29 December.

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