Sinhala government destroys Mullivaaykkaal memorial monument at Jaffna University


Sinhala government destroys Mullivaaykkaal memorial monument at Jaffna University -International Council of Eelam Tamils-


The destruction of the Mullivaaikkaal Remembrance Monument located within the University of Jaffna campus by the Government of Sri Lanka armed forces on January 8, 2021, is another nail in the coffin for any hope of "reconciliation" within Sri Lanka.  Here is a government headed by President Gotabaya Rajapakse, a credibility accused war criminal, elected solely by the support of the Sinhala Buddhist voter base pandering to their genocidal project by destroying all evidence of their cowardly deeds. Therefore, the international community should stop foisting the "reconciliation" mantra on the Tamils, look at the ground realities and take steps to prosecute the war criminals still roaming free after a decade from the genocidal war in Mullivaaikkaal.


            The government-appointed Vice-Chancellor of the university was in collusion with this dastardly desecration which was one of the edicts he was given with his appointment. The government's mandate is to dangle prestigious positions to a few Tamils and use them to collude in their genocidal projects.


            The University of Jaffna is the foremost place of learning for the Tamils and served as the birthplace of the "Tamil Uprising" movement which exposed the ongoing Tamil genocide on the island. By erasing the symbols of genocide, the government is bent on hiding its genocidal past to the next generation of Tamil students to the world.


            By destroying Tamil heritage places and supplanting them with Sinhala Buddhist symbols, the government thinks that it can destroy the collective memory of a people.  On the contrary, it only strengthens the resolve of the Eelam Tamils' yearning for freedom.  This destruction will only fuel the need for Tamil uprising to fulfil the dreams of all those who laid their lives for our freedom.  Let this be a call to action to bring justice to the Tamil victims without further delay.



-International Council of Eelan Tamils -

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