The Politics of Individualism

The position and the historical stature that came to be occupied by our National Leader, Pirabaharan can never be underestimated and belittled by any forces. The life of all Eezham Tamils and their generations to come shall be intertwined with his name and fame. Centuries may pass but Pirabaharan will be one word that shall have the power to unite the world Tamils on matters concerning their freedom, liberation and their sovereignty.

The indelible principles he has left behind on matters concerning a nation’s freedom, liberty and sovereignty are exceptional and unprecedented. The principles serve a mass emotional connection to the nation’s subjects. It has the eternal power to thrust an entire nation forward for generations to come.
Hero worshipping – We subjected our research to understand if the name “Pirabaharan” echoes beyond the concept of hero worshipping. We extrapolated our results in the course of a precise psychological chart. The psychological web of connections between Pirabaharan and the dynamism within the Tamil society were astounding. Any political step that does not understand this dynamism will not have any power to bring the liberation of Eezham Tamils to fruition. And more importantly such political steps would not be a mirror of people’s conscience.
The confidence and the political aspirations built by the Tamils for thirty long years have deep-rooted connection to the Tigers. And the image of Pirabaharan occupies a central thought among the entire population of Tamils. Psychologically his image is ingrained as their political aspirations in the soul of every Tamil.
A nation has lived three generations hearing the principles of Nation, Nationalism and National Leader. The psychology of the nation has been spun around it and it lives around it, alive and kicking.
This is the precise background of “Pirabaharaniyam”, a modern set of principles and philosophies for freedom.

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