Cop in a soup; transferred for halting top rank officer’s wife from jogging

 A policeman who was on duty at a checkpoint near the Ananda College in Maradana, reported to have not allowed the wife of a top ranked police officer-in-charge in the Colombo area to pass the checkpoint for jogging, has been transferred to another checkpoint within minutes, according to police sources.

The incident took place near the Ananda College Junction along the Borella-Maradana road, when a policeman attached to the Maradana Police station was on duty at the barrier, sources said.

The constable, on duty  had reportedly stopped the wife of the officer when she tried to walk towards Borella from the official residence for physical warm up during the travel restrictions are in place.

The woman reportedly  yelled at the cop, telling him that she is the wife of a high-ranking police officer and tried to proceed past the barrier.
The policeman told her to return and go back, explaining that everyone is equal before the law.

At that time, the woman had called her husband on her mobile and explained the situation and raised her voice towards the policeman so that he could hear.

It was reported that high ranked officer told the constable that she is his wife, and said in a loud voice to let her go for jogging, the sources said.

However, the policeman told the officer that the travel restrictions rules have been imposed and  questioned that what will happen if other people also want to go for jogging.

However, the woman reportedly was jogging along the main road ignoring the policeman's warning.

A moment later, the policeman received a telephone call to report him to the Punchi Borella Police checkpoint for duty with immediate effect.

However, a few hours later the policeman had returned to his earlier station to resume duties, after other officers raised the matter to the senior officers condemning the incident.

Meanwhile, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said that an investigation has been launched by the SSP Colombo (Central) into the incident.

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