Opposition acting like headless chickens: Johnston

 Chief Government Whip and Highways Minister Johnston Fernando today said that the Opposition Leader and SJB should learn from the examples of their counterparts in other democracies and give priority to national interests.

Minister Fernando also urged the SJB to support the investigations into the Easter Sunday carnage rather than acting like a 'headless chicken'.

Speaking to the media after attending a meeting to review the measures in place against COVID-19 in the Kurunegala District at Wilgoda SLPP office, the minister said that opposition parties in other countries have placed the national interests above their party agendas and politics. “Such developments could be seen in all democracies. Take a look at our opposition. They make wild allegations against investigations into the Easter Sunday terror attacks. The latest is criticising the arrest of Rishad Bathiudeen. They allege that it is a media circus to please Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith,” the minister said.

He urged the people to remember how the same political leaders had been mocking the military operations during the times of war thinking that the LTTE was undefeatable. It is the very same people now demanding the release of Bathiudeen. The opposition leader and his party men should be ashamed of their acts. The Easter Sunday carnage is a result of their mistake.

The opposition is trying to derail the ongoing investigations through various means. Recently religious and civil organisations exposed one of their plots to drag Catholic people in their protests. Don’t they have concerns for the national security of this country,” the Chief Whip questioned.

Minister Fernando said he had called numerous times in opposition to support the government at least to carry out the Easter Sunday carnage investigations. 

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