Police net four Lankans returned from India


Police have arrested two women and two children who travelled across to Sri Lanka by boat from Rameshwaram, India and hiding in a house in Gurunagar, Jaffna.

Police said investigations disclosed that they had returned to Mannar by boat from Rameshwaran on May 6 and then travelled to Jaffna by boat.

The group included a 61-year-old woman, her 34-year-old daughter and her 9 and 5-year-old children.

The arrested were believed to be Sri Lankans fled to India and have returned by boat to due the dangerous spread of Covid in India.

They are quarantined in the same house and PCR tests to be conducted.

It was learnt that the Indian and local fisherman would have helped them to come to Sri Lanka. 

Police said they would take stern action against the fishermen for violating immigration rules and regulations.

"If a person leaves or comes back to Sri Lanka  he/she should follow the immigration rules and regulations and use a recognized airport or a port," Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

Earlier, another Sri Lankan woman from Puttalam who left for India a couple of years ago came back along with her two children and thereby violated the quarantine and immigration rules.

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