Special long-distance trains for govt, private employees from today


The Railways Department has taken steps to operate several long-distance trains from today to facilitate the state and private sector employees who travel to and from their workplaces, Deputy General Manager of Railways A.D.G Senavirathne said.

He said the people who are finding it difficult to reach their workplaces from far distance due to lack of transport and travel restrictions.

The step was taken following the government's decision to impose travel restrictions between provinces and allowed only the essential services can be operated.

Accordingly, four trains will be running in the morning and in the evening.

The train services will be as follows;

Office train will operate from Kandy to Colombo (leaves at 5.00 a.m), from Maho to Fort (leaves at 4.45 a.m), from Chillaw to Fort (leaves at 5.50 a.m), and a special train between Bolawatta and Puttalam (leaves at 7.00 a.m) and an office train form Beliatta to Maradana leaves at (4.30 am) every day.

Meanwhile, the above trains will leave for their return destinations in the evening as follows;

The office train that had arrived at Fort in the morning leaves for Kandy at 5.45 p.m, the train that had arrived from Maho will leave at 6.00 p.m, the Chillaw train will leave at 5.18 p.m, the special train from Bolawatta will leave for Bolawatta from Puttalam at 4.00 p.m and the train that came from Beliatta leaves Maradana at 4.40 pm.

The Railway Department requested the commuters to keep their Office ID and the request letter from the Head of the Department with them to ensure their identity and purpose of travelling. 

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