Tense situation erupts outside Lady Ridgeway as scandal over AstraZeneca doses


A tense situation has broken out outside the Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Maradana where over 3000 people have gathered, demanding the second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccinations.

People had started lining up outside the Hospital since today morning as Whatsapp messages circulated that jabs were being administered inside the Hospital, but for staff and selected people.

Several people rushed to the area and began demanding the vaccines, breaching all health protocols as no social distancing was maintained. 

Public frustration over not receiving the second doses of AstraZeneca is clearly growing as the government is yet to secure 600,000 doses of the vaccines which they require for the second roll out program. 

In recent days, there has been increasing allegations that some doctors have been administering the doses only on friends, relatives and families and even their domestic helpers which has resulted in the Public Health Inspectors pulling out of their official duties in disgust. 

There are also allegations that those with influence and connections have been able to receive the jabs, clearly breaching the protocol which the Health Ministry was required to follow on administering the jabs according to the dates of the first doses. 

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