Average daily mortalities climb to 38; deaths at homes on the rise: GMOA

After analysing the previous daily COVID death records released by the Epidemiology Unit, the Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) said that there is a likelihood of nearly 38 deaths in a single day, Executive Committee Member of the GMOA Dr. Prasad Kolabage said.

He told the media that they observed the total daily mortality records released during the past month by the Epidemiology Unit.

He stated the daily death toll of 38 could increase or decrease.

"When the data was plotted on a graph, it revealed that nearly 38 deaths occurred in a single day. However, because we received delayed figures from the Epidemiology Unit, it was extremely difficult to make predictions and arrive at conclusions, " he explained.

"The previous daily death records were issued with more than 30 during the past six or seven days, but there were only one or two deaths on the date of the announcement was made. That shows the inaccurancy in issuing figures from the Epidemiology Unit and these figures have become obsolete, "Dr Kolabage said.

When considering the number of deaths during the past few days, the highest number of deaths were reported from the Kalutara district in the Western Province, he said 

"28% of the deaths were in houses and it is a critical situation. The percentage of deaths that occurred in houses in the Colombo district was 18 per cent, "Dr Kolabage said

Therefore, the situation should be analyzed accurately. If not, the situation would turn into a major disaster, he added. 

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