Yash provides financial assistance to day labourers in film industry

 Many industries have come to stand still by the second wave of the Corona. People are fighting with the severity of the second wave and are also exerting to make ends meet. Among this Film industry is no exception.

Many of the day laborers who worked in the film industry are forced to stay home as the curfew continues. This has caused them severe financial crisis. But various leading actors have come forward to assist them financial during this tense situation. Leading Kannada film actor Yash has decided to pay Rs. 5,000 each to 3000 workers directly to their bank accounts.

In a statement, he said, "Covid 19 has proved to be an invisible enemy that has dismantled the livelihoods of innumerable people across our country. My own Kannada Film fraternity has been badly affected as well. In light of the grave times we live in, To each of the 3000 odd members which includes all the 21 departments of our film fraternity I will be donating from my earnings, a sum of Rs 5000 to their personal accounts. While I am very well aware that this may not serve as a solution to the loss and the pains caused by the situation we are in, its a ray of hope, since it's HOPE that is certainty of faith, Faith of better times."

Though Yash was a famous actor in Kannada film industry, the film KGF brought him close to tamil audience too. His excellent performance and the story line made this a huge success and people are already awaiting for the films second part. The trailer of KGF 2 was released recently and received positive reviews from critics and audiences.

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