PHIS not informed to send those engaged in protests for quarantine: PHI’S Union


In the wake of a couple of incidents where those who were engaged in recent protests were directed for quarantine, following orders given by the Director-general of Health Services to ban all public gatherings and protests, the Public Health Inspectors Union said they had not been informed to send any individual engaged in protests for quarantine.

Speaking to Daily Mirror, PHI Union Secretary Mahendra Balasooriya said according to the Quarantine Ordinance, only the first contacts of a COVID-19 positive patient could be directed for either home or institutional quarantine.

“There is no other way under which an individual can be subjected to quarantine under the existing law in the country,” he said.

“As far as the recent protests where several individuals were sent for quarantine are concerned, some individuals were directed for quarantine on the advice of the respective PHIS whereas some individuals have been sent for quarantine without the advise of

PHIS but on the instructions of the Area Medical Officer of Health,” Balasooriya pointed out.

However, he said they were of the opinion that directing those people engaged in protests to quarantine has raised both ethical and legal concerns.

“Accordingly, the PHIS have decided not to give recommendations to the Police Department or any other officials to direct anyone for quarantine other than for reasons underlined in the quarantine regulations,” he added.

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