73 percent of those positive in Colombo are unvaccinated: Rosy

 Nearly 73 percent of those who become COVID positive in the Colombo city are unvaccinated while 50 percent of them are below 29 years, Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake said yesterday.

“Most recent PCR test results revealed that around 73% of all the positives detected in the city are unvaccinated individuals. Nearly 22% are vaccinated only with a single dose. Only 5% are vaccinated with both doses either with Sinopharm or Covishield. Also, approximately 50% of those who tested positive are 29 years and below. This stresses the fact that it is essential to vaccinate those between years 18 to 29 in Colombo as well.

Number of deaths were low and now show a slight increase among those who are 60 years and above; 92% of them have not even received a single dose of Aztrazeneca or Sinopharm. Together with the Ministry of Health and the Sri Lanka Army, the Colombo Municipal Council has intensified its vaccination programme to cover everyone above 30 yrs and especially those over 60. We urge everyone to use this golden opportunity to protect the valuable lives of each and every citizen,” Ms Senanayake said.

“The Public Health Department of the CMC performs 550 to 600 PCRS; both random and 1st line contacts and identify 75 to 125 positives daily. In contrast to the 1st wave, in this 3rd wave 60% to 70% 1st line contacts are becoming Covid positive. This shows how fast the virus is spreading.the random samples show a 15% to 17% positivity rate. The communicability of the virus seems largely controlled due to high vaccine coverage among the resident population of the city; in the age group of years 70 and above, 88% have been vaccinated at least with one dose, in the age group of years 30 and above are 75%,” she added.

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