Barathi Kannamma' Lead Actor Roshni Haripriyan Leaves Show After Bagging Film: Report


Actor Roshni Haripriyan, who garnered a huge fan following for playing the lead role of Kannamma in Tamil daily soap Barathi Kannamma, has reportedly quit the popular serial. Reports claim that she has left the show after she bagged the opportunity to act in films. Saturday (October 23) was her last day at the sets of Barathi Kannamma. She has walked out of the show. The makers are now looking to replace her with another actor and continue the rest of the episodes.

Viewers watch Barathi Kannamma on Star Vijay and stream it on Disney+Hotstar. The Tamil language social drama is a hot favourite among the Tamil audience. The show revolves around the lead character Barathi, a doctor who falls in love with Kannamma and marries her. However, the villain Venba hatches a conspiracy and gets them separated.

The show is currently running with a lot of twists and turns. In the middle of several new developments in the serial, Roshni has abruptly left the series. This has shocked the Bharathi Kannamma fans. According to reports, Roshni has bagged a role of a heroine in a new movie and hence she left ‘Bharathi Kanamma’, the show which made her a household name.

Neither Roshni nor the makers of ‘Bharathi Kanamma’ denied these reports. They are yet to make an official statement on why Roshni quit the popular show.

Earlier, Akhil, who played the role of Akhilan in ‘Bharathi Kannamma’, had quit the show after he got a role in a film. Farina, who plays the character of main villain Venba, is pregnant and she is looking forward to her delivery. It is expected that she will not remain available for the next year. The makers might change the storyline in the absence of three of the main actors in the show.   #Tamil   #News   #Tamil News   #Tamil Daily News   #Website   #Tamil News Paper   #Tamil Nadu Newspaper  #Online   #Breaking   News Headlines    #Latest Tamil News   #India News    #World News   #Tamil Film   #Jaffna   #Kilinochchi  #Mannar  #Mullathivu  #Batticola  #Kandy  #Srilanka #Colombo

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