Police warn public over fake currency notes during festive season

Police today urged the general public including shop owners to be vigilant over the circulation of counterfeit notes during transactions of money especially during the festive season.

Police said the public often travel around the city for shopping for a variety of purposes during this festive season and currency notes are mostly used for payments in such transactions.

It has also been revealed that relevant persons are using various fraudulent tactics to exchange counterfeit currency notes during this festive season.

During the past week, the police raided several  counterfeit currency note printing locations in Kirulapone, Padukka, Kalutara and Rangala and seized counterfeit notes of Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 1,000.

Several suspects have also been arrested along with computers and other equipment used to print counterfeit notes.

Police said the CID is conducting further investigations into those incidents.

Therefore, the police advised the general public to pay special attention to identify the validity of the note, water mark, the security thread and the color of the note during money transactions.

Police  urged public to inform the 119 Police Emergency Response Unit or the nearest police station if any suspicion of fraudulent persons attempted to exchange such counterfeit notes.

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