SJB kicks off street battles to remove President


Samagi Jana Balwegaya (SJB) is to start street  battles to remove President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the government from power tomorrow, SJB MP Harin Fernando said today.

MP Fernando told a press conference that the biggest ever protest march which Sri Lanka has ever seen will begin today from Kandy. “We will begin the protest march after worshiping the Dala Maligawa and we will reach Colombo on May 1. SJB will then begin the exercise to chase the President and the government out of power. We will reveal the venue where we begin our struggle in Colombo later,” he said.

“We gave an ultimatum of one month to the government to resolve issues faced by the nation on March 15. That one month is up now. Therefore the time is up for the struggle to oust this government from power. Everyone will be able to see what we are going to do on May 1, 2022,” he added.

He said SJB will get on with the struggle even if every protester is arrested and sent to jail. “We are not afraid to go to jail for the people,” he  added. 

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