EU condemns ‘vicious’ attack on peaceful protestors


The European Union (EU) condemns the recent vicious attack against peaceful protestors in Colombo, which triggered further violence after a month of peaceful demonstrations had shown, despite some isolated incidents, that Sri Lankans are able to exercise peacefully their right to freedom of expression. 

While claiming that the EU and its 27 Member States are monitoring closely developments in Sri Lanka, the EU stated that it deplores the loss of life, including of a Member of Parliament, and the high number of injured people.

“The EU calls on the authorities to initiate an investigation into the events and to hold accountable those instigating or perpetrating violence. The EU urges all parties to refrain from violence and to show restraint.”

“The EU recalls the importance to safeguard the democratic rights of all citizens, and to focus on solutions that will address the significant challenges currently faced by the Sri Lankan’s.”

“Over the last few months the EU has provided humanitarian assistance, including for handling the COVID crisis and the ensuing challenges, and is actively looking at ways to further mitigate the impact of the economic crisis on the most vulnerable people,” the statement added.   #Tamil   #News   #Tamil News   #Tamil Daily News   #Website   #Tamil News Paper   #Tamil Nadu Newspaper  #Online   #Breaking   News Headlines    #Latest Tamil News   #India News    #World News   #Tamil Film   #Jaffna   #Kilinochchi  #Mannar  #Mullathivu  #Batticola #Kandy #Srilanka  #Colombo

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