STF arrests two for illegal possession of US$ 47,000

 Two men have been arrested by the STF for possessing US$ 47,000 during a raid in Boralesgamuwa.

STF said the suspects were arrested for having failed to disclose the mode of revenue and possessing money illegally.

The STF said, acting on intelligence alert a man has been arrested at Perera Mawatha in Boralesgamuwa on suspicion of possessing US$ 47,000 which is equivalent to LKR 17, 155,000.

The STF suspects that the arrested was trying to  transfer USD 47,000 through the 'Undiyal' system.

A 52-year old man from Boralesgamuwa was also arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting to the money laundering.

The suspects were handed over to the Kirulapone Illegal Assets Investigation Division for further inquiries. 

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