New COVID Omicron variant deadlier than Delta, wear facemasks: Medical Specialists warn


Medical specialists warned people to wear facemasks as the new COVID-Omicron variant which is spreading now was deadly and not easy to detect correctly either.

An Anaesthetist of the Colombo National Hospital said the toxicity of COVID-Omicron is five times higher than that of the Delta variant and the mortality rate is also higher than that of Delta.

In a messege, the Anaesthetist said the symptoms of the new COVID-Omicron virus are joint pain, headache, pain in the neck, upper body back pain, pneumonia and lack of under normal circumstances and said the new variant does not develop cough and fever.

"It takes less time for the disease to progress to extreme severity, and sometimes there are no obvious symptoms," the message said.

"This virus strain will not be deposited in the nasopharynx area. It directly affects the lungs, that is, the "window", and the duration is relatively short. Several patients who had been diagnosed with Covid Omicron were eventually diagnosed as having no fever and no pain, but mild chest pneumonia was found on X-rays, The result of nasal swab test for COVID-Omicron is usually negative, and the number of false negative cases of nasopharyngeal test is increasing," it added.

The Anaesthetist said the virus will spread in the community and directly infect the lungs, leading to viral pneumonia and then causing acute respiratory pressure.

"This explains why Covid-Omicron has become highly harmful, the virus is highly virulent, and the fatal rate is high," it dded.

The Anaesthetist warned people to be careful, avoid crowded places, keep a distance of 1.5m even in open places, wear a double-layer mask, wear suitable masks, and wash hands frequently when everyone has no symptoms (coughing or sneezing).

"This Covid Omicron "WAVE" is more deadly than the first wave of Covid-19. So, we must be very careful and take all kinds of measures to strengthen the prevention of coronavirus.

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