British instagrammer in SL for medical reasons: Immigration


The Department of Immigration and Emigration yesterday said the female British national whose passport was taken in for examination has been in Sri Lanka for medical reasons and that they are to inquire, whether she has violated her visa conditions, whilst staying in the country.

A senior official at the department told the Daily Mirror that the British instagrammer Kayleigh Fraser had been in the country for the past couple of years since 2019 and had made several visits back and forth to the UK during her stay.

Asked whether she had violated any immigration laws for the officials to visit her local residence on Tuesday and take her passport into custody, the official said the department is yet to determine whether she had violated her visa conditions.

The official said that a message had been conveyed to her to visit the department within the next seven days and once she arrives for an inquiry, they could further investigate the matter.

Kayleigh Fraser who is on Instagram on @kayfraz92 had aired a live feed from a social media platform on Tuesday where she was being visited by a group of immigration officials asking for her travel document.

During this visit she asks the officials as to why they are taking her passport to which the latter replied that they were conducting an inquiry and it will be returned once she visits the department in the next seven days.

She had earlier stated that she received an anonymous call asking her to leave Sri Lanka as soon as possible saying she could face ‘big problems’ if she doesn’t do so.

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