Pirabaharaniyam – A Philosophical Understanding

When we dig deeper into a philosophy, its core idea and the doctrine; we might get to understand certain basic truths. A new doctrine takes shape only by rejecting an old doctrine either in part or completely.

Therefore to understand every nuances of the new philosophy or doctrine, it may not be sufficient to just learn the aspects of the new philosophy and getting the essence of it. So a mind that has the desire to learn and read is a requisite. To make things more clear, it is essential to have an understanding of the old philosophies that have been put to question by the new philosophies. The quest to understand the old doctrines, leads to the truth that the old doctrine itself was formed as a result of questioning some form of philosophies that were existing prior. And as you travel back unravelling philosophies after philosophies and doctrines after doctrines, this stark truth emerges from within.

Our search for truth takes us to a chain of complex web that is devoid of a well formed start or an end. It begins to occur that there is no way to reach a consensus. In the end, everything seems to be like the truth of this universe, so simple yet complex in nature. That is the very base of the world of philosophy.

A search that is not bounded and that does not seek the end takes a soul to the zenith. It renews and refreshes his thoughts. The very existence of man as a social animal lives in this search. When the search ceases, we cease to be humans. We lose the meaning of life. These searches define human existence and they give a exemplified meaning to human life.

When men understand this great truth, they become complete in all aspects. When a considerable percentage of a race have men who are clear thinkers who seem to get a grip of this great truth, the entire race moves forward in time.

This was the glorious dream of all great philosophers and thought leaders.

The dream of Pirabaharan, on the society of Eezham, journeyed this path, and what we now has is a beautiful compilation called “Pirabaharaniyam”.

This is the backdrop of a great soul that left behind a doctrine to this world from the shores of Nandikadal, a doctrine that shunned the many “isms” and challenged the established philosophies.

The calm and tranquil Nandikadal re-introduces a man who was known to the world as a revolutionary fighter of our time as a man who gave us this novel doctrine.

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