Plans afoot to provide fuel for public transport, taxis by next week


Plans have been drawn to dispense fuel for vehicles engaged in public transportation and taxi services as per QR code, Transport Ministry said.

They said the decision was taken following a discussion held at the Ministry this morning with the participation of the Transport Minister, several officials and representatives of 15 major professional three-wheeler associations and representatives of taxi associations.

Under this plan, it is to identify the volume of fuel required separately for Sri Lanka Transport (SLTB) buses, private transport buses, and taxi services by assigning a separate QR code.

The required fuel will be provided through all SLTB depots and filling stations across the country.

However, until the plan is implemented, the Minister intends to provide the required fuel for the said vehicles from SLTB depots, Makumbura Multimodal Center (MMC), and from a filling station at the Bastian Mawatha bus stand in Pettah.

Meanwhile, attention was drawn to identify the professional and taxi three-wheelers separately and providing them with more fuel in addition to the fuel quota they are entitled to. 

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