SL to teach Japanese at school level targeting job opportunities in Japan

Targeting employment opportunities in Japan, Sri Lanka will begin to teach Japanese and English languages at the school level, under the technical subject stream.

Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara on Monday sought the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers to inaugurate teaching Japanese and English languages, under the technical subject stream implemented in schools and to develop soft skills in the sectors of nursing, hospitality, building cleaning, agricultural activities, motor mechanism or electric and electronic mechanism, etc., aiming employment opportunities in Japan. 

“In terms of the memorandum of understanding signed between the Government of Sri Lanka and Government of Japan, Sri Lankans are eligible to apply for employment as technical in-service trainees and employments in 14 sectors under the programme with special skills. Competency in Japanese language is an essential qualification for the purpose and should be qualified precisely from the examinations conducted in several stages,” the Government Information Department said.

Faced with labour shortages, the Japanese government created the new visa status of “specified skilled worker” in 2019 to attract workers from abroad. It plans to aspect up to 345,000 foreign workers by the end of fiscal 2023. So far, it has attracted only around 64,730, due to the large impact of pandemic-related border controls.
As a solution to the country’s forex crisis, the government plans to send more people abroad as skilled workers, particularly to Japan, South Korea and European countries.

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