Japan’s IRO seeks to recruit more tech trainees


A discussion was held between the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau and Japan to explore the possibility of recruiting more Sri Lankan youth as technical trainees in Japan.

General Manager D.D.P. Senanayake and President of IRO Japan Norikai Suga joined the discussion.

A special delegation including Norikai Suga, Chairman of IRO Institute is visiting Sri Lanka these days and during the visit, the General Manager made this request when he visited the Foreign Employment Bureau last (4) and discussed it with its top management. IRO is an organization recruiting technical trainees in Japan.

Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau received good response from the Japanese delegation, and he stated that the Sri Lankans recruited as technical interns are a kind and highly skilled group.

In December 2021, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Japan’s IRO and Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau to direct Sri Lankan youth to work in Japan as technical trainees, and according to this, more than 25 Sri Lankans have been already bee sent to Japan as technical trainees.

Deputy General Manager (Training and Recruitment) Senarath Yapa and a group of nine interns who are to go to Japan under the IRO programme attended this event.

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