TPP under Life term, Suthakaran allowed only 3 hrs to pay respects to his dead wife!

The TPP who has been detained in prison under Life sentence, Satchithananthan AnathaSuthaharan was allowed only 3 hours to attend the funeral of his wife. When he got back into the prison vehicle, Suthakaran’s daughter also got in the van to go with her father. This pathetic incident had touched the hearts of several people at the spot and many cried without shame. Suthaharan, arrested in 2008 and was detained in the prison. Last year he was sentenced to life term. His wife Yogarani died of illness. She had left behind a boy and a girl. Suthakaran was taken to Maruthanakar in Kilinochchi for the funeral of his under heavy security. After Suthaharan was arrested in 2008, the children were looked after by their mother. With the departure of their mother the Children are rendered into a pathetic situation.

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