After murdering thousands of thousands of Tamil people Army trying to be friendly, Says Ananthy!

The Sri Lankan Army is attempting to be friendly with the Tamil people now, after murdering several Hundred Thousands of Tamil people. People should be vigilant about this and defeat the intrigue of
the Army, said the Provincial Minister of Women’s Affairs, Ananthy Saseetharan.

The inaugural day of the Muliwaikkal Commemoration week was held yesterday at Chemany, presided by M.K.Sivajilingam. Ananthy said as above speaking in this eveny.

The Tamils were a race which fought for several decades of their Liberation. It never knelt anyone for anything. They never mortgaged themselves, for meager privileges. But several countries had got together to kill that race. The world should be ashamed of the Genocide week.

Today Army is bringing thousands of students to view their exhibition. The same Army had killed thousands of students. The World had not delivered the justice for these cold blooded genocide. They killed and buried Kirushanthy in Chemmany. People should think of these things and act carefully she said. 

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