Ministries' Addenda to the President's Address!

Singapore has to ensure that it is able to respond to the multi-variate threats to our national security, so as to maintain stability, cohesion and resilience, said Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo Chee Hean.

These challenges require a coordinated response and the National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS) will continue to work with other Government agencies to anticipate threats and develop responses to ensure effective coordination in face of any risks, said Mr Teo in NSCS’ addendum to the President’s Address.

Some key initiatives will allow the NSCS to enhance the Government’s ability to identify emergent risks to national security; analyse the impact of inter-dependencies of various industries and sectors to help with long-term planning; keep public officers educated and updated with the evolving security environment; and build capabilities through partnerships with agencies and institutes to understand and deal with issues related to violent extremism.

DPM Teo said, "National security is critical for the survival and prosperity of Singapore... The Government must stay agile and alert. NSCS will continue to work with agencies and stakeholders to identify risks, sensitise our officers, build capabilities, and develop coordinated responses to national security issues."
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