Here we enclosed the MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, BRISBANE, ADELAIDE, PERTH and CANBERRA Maaveerar Naal Flyers been Attached here for respective state Tamil people's kind information

Let us Remember Our Heroes Together
Dear All

In commemoration of our beloved Martyrs, Who sacrifices their life for our motherland, we pay homage and respects to their lives on this Auspicious Day in November.

On November 27th, we ask the Tamil people of Australia to gather before the flames of sacrifice and pay respects to our fallen heroes. Together, we will remember the courage and determination of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for one dream. Together, we will carry forward the ashes of remembrance and the determination of the fallen. And together, we will vow to fulfill the dreams of those before us who lived and died for our nation.

Nov 27th, this is the day we remember our true heroes and all those who have lost their lives in the conflict to free our homeland Tamileelam.
 This is the day we set aside our troubles to remember lives of the men and women who fought bravely for our land, and to graciously honour them too. In memory of all those who have sacrificed their lives for the freedom in Tamileelam, let us unite as one and promise ourselves that the journey is not over. Along with many others, we humbly request that every Tamil in and around Melbourne attends the remembrance event on the 27th of November to pay respect to those many lives now lost forever. Hope is on our side and together, we shall succeed to reach towards our Tamil Eelam.

Please forward this email through your phone contacts & your personnel Email contacts, Try your best to be there, before the event starts..

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