There is no link between the LTTE and the murder of former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Ghandhi

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

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There is no link between the LTTE and the murder of former Indian Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Ghandhi

Statement by the LTTE

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in an organization by the people, for the people and of the people of Tamil Eelam, to safeguard their home land

We are not a warrior group, nor an armed group or a violence based group. We have been an organised movement defending the Tamils against the violence we were facing by the government-sponsored groups and against the State terrorism.

Even after the silencing of our Armed Struggle, we have held our movement under control. Yet, our People did not get any solution nor a glimmer of hope. Even today, our People are still undergoing a pre-planned Genocide.

What happened to those who said: “If only the LTTE did not exist, people would solve their problems through dialogue”? They should now come forward and re-evaluate the current situation.

In this context, after having time and time again clearly demonstrated with evidence in support that the LTTE has not been involved in any kind with the murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, this unverified allegation is still being imposed. Due to this defamation campaign, our People are being pushed into instability. Some others even go too far as to assert that “the lives of the 150 000 people killed in Mullivaikaal do not worth altogether to the single life of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi”. This declaration is hurting.

The LTTE never intended to demolish the leadership of India nor attack India. We never turned our guns towards any person nor leader who was not part of Sri Lanka. We never planned any attack against any non-Sri Lankan leader. We never developed any action against any national leader of India.

At this juncture, 10 years after we silencing our Armed Struggle, we look back on the murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and having noticed that this unfortunate incident is still being linked with the Tamils of Eelam and the LTTE, we cannot help thinking firmly that this murder has been performed out of a conspiracy in the aim of a planned Genocide of Tamils in Eelam.

We demand that these kinds of allegations not be inflicted on our people who suffer perpetual genocide.

The movement of LTTE has declared numerous times that we do not have any connection with the murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

Within few days after the murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi (1991), Kiddu, then head of the International Relations for the LTTE, has announced openly: “The LTTE has not any connection with this murder”. That statement has been published in various newspapers in India.

On 1st September 1991 in Jaffna, answering to Chris Morris, the BBC journalist, Prabhakan, the leader of LTTE, has clearly declared “Our movement is not in any way involved in the killing of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi”.

During the international press conference organised by the LTTE on 10th April 2002, when asked by a journalist “What is your opinion on the murder of Rajiv Gandhi?”, the LTTE leader has replied “It is a tragedy”.

The Indian government had closely watched every move of the Tamil people’s liberation war in Eelam. Out of that clear analysis, in the early 1980s, Indian government has concluded that the principle of a Sovereign state of Tamil Eelam claimed by the Tamils was legitimate. Therefore, the Indian government has decided to support the movement of LTTE and has even offered us war training and arms in our legitimate war against the extremist Sinhalese Sri Lankan government.

Mrs. Indhira Gandhi has strongly reaffirmed the Indian government’s position in her speech in the Indian Parliament in 1983 and stated: “What happens in Sri Lanka is Genocide”. Her speech in the Parliament exposes distinctly Mrs. Indhira Gandhi’s clairvoyant understanding that the only solution to prevent this Genocide is Liberation.

We wish to remind you that even after the death of the Honourable Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indhira Gandhi, her son and her successor, the Honourable Mr. Rajiv Gandhi cherished a secret relation with the LTTE.

We strongly believe that the pre-planned murder of the former Prime Minister of India Honourable Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is the result of a conspiracy motivated by the purpose of dismantling the strong relationship between the Indian government and the LTTE.

We ask for an immediate cessation of this allegation of defamation upon the LTTE concerning the murder of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. As a result, we hope to put an end to the infamy on the LTTE on an international platform and that the International Community would at last end the ban on the LTTE that prevent our People to breathe the air of freedom.

                        “The Thirst of the Tigers is the motherland of Eelam Tamil”.

Representative of Legal Affairs                             Representative of Political Affairs
 Lathan Suntharalingam                                             Kuruparan Kurusamy  

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