Bunker Turned Conscience.!!

The traces of war

Though completely erased

from the riverbeds of mannar to nandik sea


is filled with the quiet moan

of women ruthlessly

killed by war.

The pain of those

who took their last breath

staring at the sky

as gunshots  pierced through their body

Is still there

The land still

Carries the plight of those

Who died

With no last rituals

No rites

Blown bland exploded and torn into pieces and became one with the soil.

Still the land

stands with the history where

kids and adults were

pathetically killed as blood gushed out from bodies due to gunshots

and poisonous gases.

This is a land where

Open Bunkers became

Closed cemetries.

Cluster bombers

Phosphorus bombs

deadly weaopns.

Unabe to run having lost organs

Abandoned until the last minute

the soul cried and died

the memories of which

still lay filled here

This is a land that has stories of

thousands and thousands of our souls

Where the kibir struck gunshots

Burnt and shattered bodies which

got buried deep in the soil.

This is the land which carries the tales of dead ....

Those who died of hunger

Struggling dire hard and

those tired of running

slept within a minute

By death.

This country has grief-striken stories of


who waited for food got betrayed and killed by shells thrown.

The kid having lost its mother so innocent

not crying was killed too

drink ing its chest flown blood.

We have a history so regretful

Where even the hands

that waved white flags

were trapped sheepishly and brutally killed.

This is a desolate land of

People who lost their mothers

Their father

Their children

Their kith and kin and

This is a desolate land.


Having removed entire traces of war

Structural beautification

The rich well built roads

Scene of beaming growth

The war pictures falsified

Such is the pain filled history of ours

It is not just the lives of people

that is completely erased


The conscience of the entire world

Placed in a bunker

Joining hands

Where an ethnic group was  revengefully destructed.

Thanks Dr: Kayal S
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