Indian coronavirus patients number and death toll increases!!

The past twenty-four hours have seen a sharp rise in the number of people infected by the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) around the globe which at the time of this writing stands at 2,45,912 and death toll at 10,048.  In India, the overnight count 197 afflicted has sharply jumped to 206.

An Italian tourist aged 69 who was getting treated at Jaipur for coronavirus recovered but passed away this morning due to a heart attack.  He becomes the fifth victim in India to the deadly virus that is wreaking havoc over the globe completely disrupting normal life.

The Indian government has proposed a self-imposed curfew on Sunday the 22nd from morning 7 am till night 9pm which is welcomed by many experts around the world.  COVID 19 is supposed to survive for twelve hours in open spaces and a fourteen-hour break would surely make those infected areas safer again for the people.
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