hunger strike for 12 days now.


As we are approaching International Women's Day, my heart breaks to learn about this mother's deteriorating health condition.

Ambihai Selvakumar, a mother from England, is on a hunger strike for 9 days as of today. She's pleading to stop the genocide in Sri Lanka and bring the perpetrators to justice by referring Sri Lanka to ICC at the 46th session of the UNHRC.
She's been on a hunger strike for 9 days now.
Her determination to find justice for the genocide of Tamil people is merely a reflection of the sufferings faced by so many in the Tamil diaspora.
I’ve heard many heartbreaking stories of the genocide and Tamil mothers' mental trauma right here in my own riding. On behalf of my constituents, I urge the Canadian Foreign Ministry to work with your counterparts in the UK and help save this mother.

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