Bharathi kannamma 30th June 2021 Written Update!!

 The episode starts with Kannamma rushes into hospital and admits Hema into ICU. He informs to her that Hema got fix. Doctor asks her to nothing to worry first go and first aid to her wound. Doctor starts the treatment to Hema. Kannamma comes back and shares her fear to Shanmugam. Kannamma questions the driver how did Hema stacked inside his car dicky. Driver informs to her that he dropped one customer on that area and went inside to place the luggage. When he came back those goons enquired to him about the little girl. He said to them that he don’t know and closed the dicky without checking. May be Hema hidden there in fear.

Shanmugam says it’s good she hide there instead of stuck in their hand. He complaints that those goon kidnapped Hema but Bharathi gave complaint on her for her missing. Kannamma says he is like that only. Kannamma shares to Soundarya that she found out Hema and asks her to come to SI hospital. Soundarya gets nervous hearing it. Anjali wishes to go with them but she deny it and asks her to inform this to Akhil. Kannamma enquires to Nurse about Hema’s condition. She informs to her that doctor is checking nothing to worry.

Shanmugam says to her if she ask them often they won’t answer to her so wait patiently. Kannamma reminds Hema and feels emotional. Shanmugam asks her to stop crying. Kannamma shares to him that she introduced to Hema first after she came here. Hema loves her a lot. Even she has separate love on her. Kannamma says that she learnt late she was Bharathi’s daughter.

Shanmugan complaints that Bharathi blamed her as characterless when she is pregnant with Lakshmi but his daughter is behind her. Soundarya and Venu reaches there and enquires to Kannamma what happened? Kannamma tells her nothing to worry. Soundarya cries seeing Hema’s state. Venu enquires to Shanmugam what happened? He narrates everything to him. Kannamma says to her Hema got fix while taking her to hospital.

Shanmugam asks them to inform everyone about it. Soundarya calls Bharathi to inform this news to him. Bharathi gets nervous to hear it and informs this news to Venba. Bharathi questions her why is she giving shock expression now? She should be happy now. She manages to lie to her. Bharathi leaves from there.

Nurse informs to all Hema is alright now she will get conscious soon. Shanmugam tells them that his heart beats stopped when did he find out Hema inside car dicky. Venu asks him to say what happened? Kannamma informs to them that she was searching for her Kannamma hears some sound from car dicky. Kannamma finds out Hema’s dress. Some goons comes there she asks help to them unaware of the truth. Goons starts attacking Kannamma and Hema. She got wound on that time.

Soundarya gets nervous hearing it. Kannamma informs to her they looks like goons if she fails to save her on time they would have kidnapped her. Soundarya thank her. Bharathi comes there clapping. Bharathi says that Kannamma is acting a lot. Bharathi complaints how come she find out Hema when everyone fails to find her. Venba to supports him. Soundarya says to him that Kannamma saved Hema. Bharathi stands in his decision and accuses Kannamma as the kidnapper.

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