Leading Cardiologist among arrested for sexual abuse on teenage girl


A 41-year old Heart Specialist of a leading hospital in Colombo has been arrested for the sexual abuse on a 15-year old girl from Mount Lavinia.

The suspect, a resident of Bandaragama. Alongside him, another 33-year old man from Kiriwaththuduwa was also arrested in connection with this case, Police Spokesman SDIG Ajith Rohana said.

He said already 34 suspects have been arrested in connection with case so far.

Among those arrested in connection were the people who sent the girl to various parties, providing transport, those who provided room facilities to abuse the girl and the criminals who created advertisements to expose this girl and also the owners of those websites.

According to the police, former State Minister of Finance of the Maldives Mohamed Ashmalee, Deputy Chairman of the Mihintale Pradeshiya Sabha and a leading gem merchant were in remanded custody for the sexual abuse on the girl.

SDIG Rohana said in addition to this incident, a decision was taken at a special discussion held yesterday to launch a full scale investigation into other websites that malevolently indulged in 'exposing and marketing' girls and other women in this manner.

He said that a number of websites that have been generated by various parties and publish these types of ugly commercials in their websites. "They lure people and support to commit the offence of procuration and human trafficking," he said.

He said the Police Children and Women's Bureau and Criminal Investigations Department are conducting further investigations into the incident. 

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