Sri Lankan in Dubai wins Dh100,000 from Mahzooz!!

Tuan, 45, a Sri Lankan national and Dubai resident, was excited when he received a screenshot from a colleague, informing him that he had won in the latest Mahzooz Raffle Draw. He was one of the three lucky expatriates who won Dh100,000 each in the 65th weekly draw, Gulf news reported.

Tuan’s first plan is to set aside the money for his daughter’s education. He said: “My 13-year-old daughter is a bright student, so this entire winning amount will be put into savings so she can study in the university she wants. Thank you, Mahzooz, for helping a father make his daughter’s dreams come true.”

Tuan, a sales executive who has been living in Dubai for 16 years, said it was his wife who encouraged him to participate in the Mahzooz draw after reading reports in newspapers about Mahzooz winners and the company’s initiative to donate water to those in need.

He also said his lucky number 8 helped him win. “My birth date is eight, so I’ve always thought it brings me luck. And when you add all the numbers of my raffle ID together, the sum is eight,” he added.   #Tamil   #News   #Tamil News   #Tamil Daily News   #Website   #Tamil News Paper  #Tamil Nadu Newspaper  #Online   #Breaking   News Headlines    #Latest Tamil News   #India News    #World News   #Tamil Film   #Jaffna   #Kilinochchi  #Mannar  #Mullathivu  #Batticola  #Kandy  #Srilanka

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