Three youth arrested over sexually harassing German female Youtuber in Kandy


The Kandy Tourist Police have arrested three individuals for allegedly sexually harassing a popular German female Youtuber. 

A popular Germen couple ‘Glen and Mado’ were reportedly harassed in the streets of Kandy by the individuals on April 21 night.

The German vlogger Mado recorded the entire incident and uploaded it on their YouTube channel which went viral on social media.

The suspects were arrested following a special investigation launched into the incident. 

The suspects have been identified as residents of Katugastota in Kandy. 

"We put this video online to create awareness for sexual harassment of all kinds towards women in Sri Lanka but also worldwide! These things happen to many women anywhere globally, and it’s not acceptable," he said. 

"We shouldn’t look away if we see an act of sexual harassment. We have to act in the form of communication, but we must not fight violence or harassment with the same weapons," he added.

Mado has decided to forgive the suspects as she believes that everyone makes mistakes in life. Therefore, we have decided not to file a complaint as we believe so many people already saw this video and the lesson was taught. We created awareness, and people are more educated about this topic and how to behave towards women. Show your respect to any woman, young or old and treat her as if she was your own sister," ‘Glen and Mado’ said in a statement in their Youtube channel.

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