Country needs support of all sectors to overcome economic crisis: State Minister

 It is the responsibility of all sectors to prevent the country from sinking further into the abyss in the face of the foreign exchange crisis as well as the country needs the support of all sectors to overcome the economic crisis it is facing, Trade State Minister Ashoka Priyantha said.

The Minister revealed these facts during a special discussion held yesterday with the heads of the institutions under the Ministry of Commerce at the Trade State Ministry auditorium.

Minister pointed out that special attention should be paid to food security and instructed all warehouses under the Food Commissioner's Department to be designed accordingly.

He emphasized that the role of the Export Development Board (EDB) could play a vital role to strengthen export economy that could bring long-term solutions through the strengthening of the economy.

The stressed that the public servant can join hands with the political authorities and draw plans to overcome the current crisis. 

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