Mullivaikkal ..!-ILaiyavanniyan

Was the symbol of
This century’s greatest
Humanitarian tragedy.
Our life long kith and kin – were massacred
Village by village – their painful last minutes
Forever etched in our blood.
The trees had no leaves – scattered human flesh -
was the leaves that one saw.
Human corpses were aplenty.
Many babies were born -
with their heads blown apart.
A baby suckling on its dead mother’s chest
Was an all too frequent scene.
How can we even mention it?
We did not see 40 000 corpses –
We saw many more.

Bodies shelled by cluster bombs
Bodies dissolved by poisonous gas
Bodies attacked by multi barrels
Bodies torn apart by Kfirs
It is quite a list –
The different facets
of massacre.
You watched all this -
Oh World–
we too are humans on this earth.
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