The act of trying to convert one to another religion is an act of disrespecting god himself.!

If you are born in a particular religion, then it is because God has created and decided that for you. You have to be proud of it and you should be comfortable around that. Therefore it should be viewed in an angle that someone who is born in another religion does not have the opportunity to be born into your religion, and not taking matters into your own hands trying convert them instead.

Think about it in this manner, If one believes that the universe was a creation by God then he also should believe that god knows who should be part of his creation and religion.

Therefore, why do you bother to convert other individuals from different religious backgrounds into yours? Do you think that your God whom you believe has no skills or the capability to create that particular person you seek to convert in your religion ? Or do you misunderstand your fundamentals of your religion ?

This is where fundamentalism is born. The reason behind it is the act of those who struggle to change people into their religion. But do not forget one thing, If someone converts from another religion to yours , there is no basis that he will fully follow your religious doctrines with his honest adherence. Because he was the one who came in the middle to follow your religion and not the one who had been destinied by birth.

Its just the same logic as how can the one who doesn't love his own parents love the another individual's parent? It is completely an unnecessary act, and as far as I can see facts indicate that people who follow the direction of radicalism in the name religious grounds today are people belonging to the generation who converted from one religion to another. Because they will not include the true principles of religious beliefs from their blood but rather as some converting principles that they don’t follow.

So friends, these efforts of converting others is not the key to opening the door for heaven, but rather the key for everyone to hate your religion and corner even the ones with the right religious values. This will destroy the people who actually believe in their God as well. The truth is that god itself is disappointed with the act of humans altering his own artistic practices and now has become destructive towards his own creation.

This is suitable for all religions including Hinduism, Christianity, Islamic and Buddhism.
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