No alternative, satisfactory way other than classroom teaching: Minister

 There is no any other alternative and satisfactory way other than the school classroom environment for children to continue with their studies, Education Minister G. L. Peiris said.

Owing to COVID outbreak, schools had to close and many alternative methods such as online teaching were implemented to continue the studies of children.

There is no complete alternative other than the school environment for students to learn. We must use alternatives, but it is not the solution to all the issues. 

Therefore, the Ministry is focusing on reopening the schools step by step sooner than later, adhering to health guidelines and recommendations.

When replying to the teachers' trade union action, minister Peiris said refraining from teaching practices is not the way to solve the issues, whereas it need to be solved through dialogues.

However, I cannot justify taking revenge from schoolchildren is a better solution to their issues. It is only the students who will be under pressure, the Minister added.

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